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Bret Peirce is a licensed nurse and descendant of Benjamin Osgood Peirce and Charles Saunders Peirce.

 "Attacking a disease by how it eats or breathes is a logical approach to treatment."
Bret Lowell Peirce
    What Causes Cancer? 

Cancer is a very easy disease to understand! 

There are only two proven causes of cancer:
  • Chronic irritation of tissue and/or
  •  Suppressed immune system!    

The chronic irritation of tissue can be any tissue  or cell. The source of irritation can be infectious, chemical, physical, or oxidative.

Back in the forties, Dr. William Koch completely explained
cancer using his findings along with those of Nobel Prize Winning Scientist, ( Otto Warburg.)

Here is how you get cancer:
Chronic stress causes irritation and irritation causes inflammation. Inflammation causes hypertrophy and thickening  of cell membrane.
Chronic hypertrophy/inflammation causes hyperplasia when a chemical "on" switch attaches to a growth gene.

Due to reduced oxygen absorption hyperplasia, (a first defense,) cannot be sustained for any length of time.

The cell then must burn glucose with less oxygen.

  Glycolysis then burns glucose by fermentation and uses the lactic acid cycle.
Now hyperplasia, (rapid cell division,) can be sustained  without oxygen!
The new cells rely on fermentation, (anaerobic metabolism,)  and divide rapidly to deal with the chronic stress. (Warburg)

Instead of premature death due to chronic injury of a cell there is this defensive response, mass production without regard to how much oxygen
 is present.

Soon the source of irritation becomes isolated and overwhelmed by this mass of dividing cells and becomes isolated.

Benign cyst may remain.

If the source of irritation cannot be contained or if there is immune injury then hyperplasia continues.


  Second Step In Cancer Development


Once the cell membrane is inflamed and hyperplasia has begun the ph of the cell drops from 7.5 - 8.0  to  6.0-6.5.
(Warburg,) due to higher Co2,
higher lactic acid.

Lower ph then prevents a chemical switch, (Identified by Koch,) from attatching to a gene that regulates
 rapid cell division.
This inturn causes uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells as the hyperplasia mechanism remains in the "on"
position for rapid cell growth.
There is an "off switch,"  but Koch found that it
could not attatch to chromosomal receptor sites at
lower ph, (acidic.)

Once a cell is in hyperplasia mode there is a growth or
 lump that appears, (pre-cancerous.)

 Now, if this mass of rapidly dividing cells can live long enough to turn-over in life span, they will die-off 
and release internal 
acidic contents.

(Uric acid, lactid acid, and Carbonic Acid)
The healthy cells  then rupture from this acid.
They spill their DNA, glucose, and proteins
 into extracellular

At this very moment it is important for the immune system to recognize the mass of rapidly dividing
cells as aberrations.

If there is any immune stress or the source of irritation
extreme then this may not happen soon
enough to prevent malignant
 tumor formation.

Now, the mass of cells can hijack the proteins, nucleic acids, and glucose of nearby healthy cells which inturn fuel even faster replication!  The proteins and DNA  allows higher level
of metabolic activity as and cancer becomes
more metabolically viable.

These cells begin to produce histocompatability molecules
which disguise these primative cells
as normal.
The new cancer cells also produce protease/lipase enzymes which disolve healthy tissue,

  The immune system cannot attack this mass of cells
 due to cancers disguise!

Immune system will not recognize
cancer as an intruder!

(Even with tumor vaccines, trained killer cells can't attack what they can't see.)

Now we officially have early stage malignant cancer.

...And there you have it!!!


Cesium chloride is a mineral. No pharmaceutical manufacturer who has invested hundreds of millions into chemotherapy
drugs is going to acknowledge cesium's
value as a cancer

You can buy cesium at $60 month.


Intriguing Question:

What would happen to every million dollar cancer center if every cancer patient in the world used cesium chloride and then they all had a %100  success  rate?
What's your prediction?


In addition, DMSO, another oxygen donor that is absorbed into cancer cells has a study where it was used in cancer
 patients to enhance dye
uptake for xrays.
Imagine everyone's surprise when many patients' cancers couldn't be x-rayed due to spontanious
resolution of the

Also, one brave doctor mixed DMSO with chemotherapy to enhance absorbtion and he had %100  response to
therapy! Of course he got into
trouble with A.M.A.

Nonetheless, the A.M.A. has approved photodynamic therapy
which uses chlorophyll and
molecular oxygen.

This new therapy proves that oxygen therapies
work or have legitimate
therapeutic benefit!

Why is the A.M.A. suddenly using chlorophyll and
molecular oxygen

Germany uses Quinone injections for many
 different cancers and


Quinones are an industrial oxidizer!!

So, let us not dispute the oxygen connection to successful outcomes of cancer cases, because there is too much
new documentation out there to
suggest cancer hates


The information on this page pertains to most cancers. Myeloma, lymphoma, sarcoma, prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, brain tumors, gliomas, leukemia, colon cancer, etc.


 Oxygen and ph are always connected to one another and this has been proven. To understand this see cesium chloride

 Higher ph means higher oxygen. Lower ph means lower oxygen, (Warbur/Koch,) so it is the truth that to treat cancer one
must raise either the O2 or the Ph of the cells and
allow the chemical "off" switch to bind to
 growth gene that will cease
anaerobic hyperplasia,
For viral related cancers the off switch analogy may not apply, but the therapeutic nature of higher ph/higher oxygen
still causes aptopsis which is a type
 of cancer cell

In addition, it was found by Warburg that transcription of cancer's DNA could not occur at
 higher ph, (alkaline.)
In the former example, the cells return to normal and function as normal tissue and this happens very
 quickly in treatment.

Aptopsis, however,  takes a little longer but the end result is still the same! More toxicity from cell death is
a possibility. 

Legitimate clinical trials (non-placebo,) were significantly informative and are now available on the web.
These studies let the cat
out of the bag!

The cesium chloride trial had a 100% response rate,
and this is  unheard of

 Although limitted in number of patients, the extremely high percentage of success completely negates any margins
of error brought upon by these 
smaller control
So, when the A.M.A. or a Doctor refers to these studies as limitted, don't forget these success rates were!

Cesium Chloride 100%! 

For example:
 Dr. Keith Brewer reviewed the treatment of 30 cancer patients who used approx. 6 grams of cesium chloride daily. This is a very small number of patients for a study!  However, all of them were reversed, (no evidence of disease,) his paper is public record now and can be found all over the web.

 That is a 100% response rate!

So what! There were only
30 patients in the

No big deal when success rate is %100!

How does anyone minimize  the statistical relevance of
a %100 response, (and keep a straight face?)



 The following substances have studies in humans that demonstrate effectiveness.  There is also invitro
studies and animal studies.
These studies are
now public

These substances were shown to be very successful in treating many different forms of cancer but  good luck in getting pharmaceuticals
 to sponsor double  blind placebo's for items you can buy down the street.
High Efficacy


  Coenzyme q 10  - especially in breast cancer,  and when combined with other  O2 therapies.

Cesium chloride  - overwhelming success in first study.

DMSO - Documented remissions, reversals in a study where it was used as a dye enhancer for xrays. The therapeutic response was a complete suprise and was documented as such. They weren't testing anti-cancer therapies at all, (oops,'s on the record.)

Essiac herbs  - Contain alkaline salts, oxygen potentiators and donors, immune modulators. Chlorophyll, mineral oxides, quinones, polyphenols,

Vitamin C infusions  - Well documented case histories. Now being performed by M.D.'s with protocols up to 100,000 mg, that include selenium, zinc, apha lipoic acid, b-12 injections. {70% response}

Quinone injections- along with complex protocols, being used in foreign countries.
(that's the "q" in Co-q10.)

Peroxide/Ozone  -
When combined with other therapies has had great results. Long standing treatment, legal in several states, illegal in several states. That didn't stop the A.M.A., (cancer centers,) from receiving patents  for injections of molecular oxygen, (ozone,) with chlorophyll.

Low Dose Nalexone / Alpha Lipoic Acid -
Nalexone inhibbits fermentation, Alpha Lipoic Acid has several oxygen related characteristic, newer therapy.

Mixed efficacy was seen in:


Whole Aloe Vera
Bluegreen algae/spirulina/sea weed/ wheatgrass/barley grass
Immune modulators
Vitamin e
Peroxide/ozone- used as only treatment


"I submit to you, that the mixed efficacy of  alternative therapies will become high efficacy when the mechanism of action is finally understood to be oxygen!" Bret Peirce

These therapies
can be combined and dosages increased. But not
if practitioners and doctors don't understand
why these therapies work.

After all, high concentration of molecular oxygen means
very little if you are deficient in CoenzymeQ10 or
if your cells have acid ph and
perfusion is restricted!

Also, with respect to Aloe Vera:

Most preparations are ruined by
the distillation process and much of what is available
is poor quality.

Now manufacturers are trying to
 "add," those very ingredients they ruined during
processing.  Even then, the overall
concentrations are never that
of the real leaf.

I recommend any whole-leaf preparation that is
harvested by hand-fillet. No other way to do
any bettter except to get holistic
 grade ingredients.

The most important thing is to combine these
treatments and not be sold on a single
bullet theory.

A Mega dose vitamin c specialist should be giving cesium
chloride with DMSO, and why
shouldn't he!

( Always given  with coenzyme q to help burn the oxygen.)

You can do it tomorrow and don't have to wait for alternative medicine people to get on
the same page.
We do not have to wait for the AMA to approve this non-toxic therapy for more than just
one type of

We don't have to have wait for three different alternative
specialists to get three bonified alternative
 treatments combined into one.

All practitioners should be combining
these therapies.

One phone call or one email will make all the difference!
Call a nurse or biochemist and start feeling better about everything.

You will be grateful and relieved that you called us.
That is a promise!