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Hall of Shame

A shout out to the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit Michigan.

Our client, Harold, was convinced to undergo prostate surgery at this facility. The operation itself seemed to go according to plan even though our client's disease was still encapsulated and non surgical options like hormone therapy were not made available to him.

Starting in recovery, our client awoke in terrible pain and was never given anything to help with this pain. Instead they wheeled him into a private cubical to be isolated. We was forced to transfer himself to the bed in this cubical and was denied assistance.  The technician was very authoritative, spoke poor English, and force this stricken man to transfer himself, drain tubes and all.

Of course his incision opened up. He bled all over his bed. He still wasn't given any pain meds to help him with intense post surgical pain. The exertion only served to make his pain worse.

Harold and his wife sensed that this treatment was not standard treatment. They filed a complaint with administration and the female who investigated his complaint blamed the entire situation upon the patient. Apparently implying that he was over- sensitive.

We are here to state that this care is way below the standards outlined in Nursing Scope of Practice and the Standards of Care legislation. Patients are to be provided with pain relief following surgery, are not to be isolated due to complaints or behavior, are not to be ordered around, are not to be made to transfer themselves out of bed until specific activity orders are written by the surgeon.

The entire situation has left our client shaken, traumatized, belittled, and depressed. 

Now as he struggles with challenges of rehab. he must deal with the painful memories of being taunted, accused, ignored by those very individuals whose duty it is to keep him comfortable and safe.

Shame on you, Henry Ford Hospital, of Detroit.