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General Information and Cultural Background For Bret Peirce
"Those That Have Influenced Me."

My Father and Grandfather tried to live a value system! They respected their fellow man, respected all of the earth, and respected their own selves!  
         "Fall short, and you will always pay a consequence! "    

At ninety, Lovell Peirce, recited classical poetry from memory at his birthday party. He remembered every word.
(It was about the Yukon Territory.)

At ninety-one he flew there, and at Whitehorse (Yukon,) landed in a seaplane on an isolated lake. He stayed for one week. ( No, he wasn't alone!)

At ninety-two his grandson, Wes, took him up a New Zealand river in a speed boat. Wes had second thoughts when he saw "Grandpa," holding one finger on his hearing aid  keeping it from flying into the river.

At ninety-nine, and seven months, he yelled for his nurse at 6:a.m. to bring him his coffee,  two days before he died.

*Special note*

He raised honey bees and one got inside the face guard, It was buzzing around his face looking for something to sting. He recalled the incident with a deep chuckle.

" I wasn't too worried, I knew he could only sting me once!"
Lovell Peirce

For More About Bret Peirce and his professional background.

My Father's love of the ocean has transcended the family tree.


                                       My sister Lauren survived adenocarcinoma!  
                                       My nephew survived this fish on left. He baited the hook
                                       set the hook, then he reeled in the fish.
                                       Deck hands were amazed. Six year old kid fought                                        
                                       for twenty minutes. Of course my father bought  
                                       Adam his first pole when Adam still drinking from a snoopy cup. 

                                                   Daughter Kimberly raises head and 5 lbs. 


                                               Daughter Kimberly: Snaps her fingers at 18 lbs.                       



              Daughter Kimberly puts grown men to shame! Catching tuna, 32 lbs



No earthly love greater than love of the ocean



                             California Sheep's Head-  One of the few fish that can change from female to male.
                     There's a couple jokes here I'm sure of it!


Stream fishing is a whole different experience than deep sea fishing. Both still require work,
 understanding of nature, and respect for the earth. 

Dear Reader:

Thank you for letting me brag about family and fishing exploits. I am hoping some long, lost friends and long, lost (former patients,) contact me.

You know, my Father had two out of three cancers reverse during I.V. ascorbate therapy!

He also had extensive papilloma out break on his neck, trunk, back and every single wart disappeared with this therapy as well.

Being a nurse, I knew modern medicine could not accomplish what I had accomplished with my father, even though the fibrosarcoma was unrelenting. Two out of three cancers and seed-warts all disappeared.
This typically never happens in medicine.

This therapy also did wonders in a brain tumor patient/ work- associate. Having been nurse on a neuro-floor, I saw much too much from brain tumors. So, when a brain tumor spontaneously resolved right before my eyes, I was totally in disbelief for six months.

I was used to watching people die from this dreadful form of cancer!

What was equally shocking was the way the doctors discredited the therapy even after they saw the CAT scan results showing a small calcified lesion where a tangerine sized mass used to reside. (Brain Tumor) They couldn't do brain surgery and had to discharge the patient.

I saw the way the governing board reprimanded the osteopath who performed this therapy, long after he had saved the patient’s life from a terminal illness.

I saw the way the oncologists sneered at my father’s I.V. port when he took I.V. ascorbate, even though he acknowledge the melanoma had disappeared, along with the spot on the lungs.

Needless to say, after seeing and witnessing everything, I saw alternative medicine and modern medicine in a whole different light!

Alternatives suddenly became more credible, modern medicine less credible and I am a product of the modern medical system which creates very sticky dilemma.

So, being illiterate in macrobiotics, orthomolecular medicine, homeopathy, natural pathology, I began researching alternatives.
College level organic chemistry, cell physiology, and patho physiology were very useful, finally! Even microbiology came in handy!

I researched lesser studied therapies as Vitamin C infusions already had so much written about it.

But, it wasn’t until I was reading about oxygen’s relationship to DMSO/MSM, a light bulb went off.
DMSO"s oxygen connection was reported on extensively by Ph.D. Biochemist David Gregg. It treated viruses, because they are anaerobes. (In my opinion)
It treated cancer because it is anaerobic, (hates oxygen.) Dr. Gregg even believes it treated a virus in Arthritis, an autoimmune disorder, because a virus is anaerobic. (right on!) Here we saw an oxygen connection.

Thanks to Dr. David Gregg Ph.D., and his website, enough pieces to the puzzle were now visible to me. The picture was almost too clear. 

Oxygen treats anaerobic pathologies such as cancer, viruses, and autoimmune disease, (but why autoimmune?)

Well, by now you know, an autoimmune disease is an oxygen hating virus. (You should read the autoimmune page if you don't believe me!)

So, by predicting that the most popular alternative treatments were actually donating oxygen, I felt I could test this theory quite easily.
Iwould predict that if anti cancer therapies were treating the anaerobic nature of cancer by supplying more oxygen then they could also be found cross treating any disease that hates oxygen!

I also predicted that this cross-treating would be by different practitioners not the same practitioners.
So I searched for cross-treating of these substances which were originally cancer treatments. It was an easy task. You can do it in your browser.

I was right on the money with every single ingredient on my list! They all were cross treating an anaerobic condition and/or an autoimmune diseases. Every single ingredient on our list.

Not even by the same practitioners. WOW!!

Convincing evidence that this oxygen link must be the mechanism of action in all of these treatments.

What does cancer have in common with virus, anaerobic infections, and fungi? They all hate oxygen.

SO you see, a Denmark practitioner was treating Lupus with a cancer therapy in Texas, as practioner is treating hepatitis c with a cancer therapy in England, etc.

Every single substance I actually cross referenced with a oxygen hating disease had practitioners somewhere, (or patients,) and researchers claiming  effectiveness in treatments. Swearing to the wonders!

In the end all I really needed to know was my high school biology to understand that molecules of oxygen are effective against things that hate oxygen.
Really! How easy is that? 

Any lay person gets this as it is so simple it is ridiculous! If a disease favors low oxygen, use more oxygen.

It hurt me to discover that the oxygen link had not been discovered amongst the body of researchers and practitioners I was reviewing, although the A.M.A. seemed to get it quite well, before the orignal supporters of the therapies could even figure it out.
(Quietly injecting people with oxygen and chlorophyll!)

All of these researchers, including Dr. Gregg, would theorize about other mechanisms of action in these different substances or they theorized other mechansims while treating a particular autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Gregg was so onto oxygen doing so much research into DMSO/MSM. He also theorized viruses as a cause, (in Arthritis,) showed us how it treats herpes, always exploiting the oxygen hating diseases. (Thank you)

But like his counterparts he would stray from the viral link and the oxygen link in autoimmune diseases. Resisting the idea that they are uniformly linked either as anaerobic disease or as viral infections.

Usually, a strengthened immune system was the common mechanism being theorized, or improved digestive absorption or detoxification, (which still may be true.)

But you realize now that my researched strongly supports the notion that:

Viruses cause auto-immune. Oxygen can treat viruses. Therefore oxygen can treat autoimmune!

Also, already knowing and seeing oxygen cures cancer (The AMA uses it.) It dawned on me that I may have tripped over, The Unified Theory of Disease!

Using oxygen to treat viruses like leukemia and HIV, using oxygen to treat autoimmune like M.S. and ALS, as Oxygen already treats cancer.

Thanks to all the researchers we can now see the oxygen theme across the board, and now classify diseases as to whether they like or dislike oxygen.


So, how do you get your doctor or health insurance to understand how to maximize the mechanism of action in a treatment where the mechanism of action is not fully understood?

You have to find a medical advocate who can prove it! (or a biochemist.)

So, please contact me at any time of day if you have a need, a question, or further research data to offer me.

I can explain to your insurance company and your doctor how treating your oxygen hating disease with oxygen is simply a matter of logic, morality, civic duty, and money!

If they disagree, I can always refer them to a biochemist who will provide them with more information that is basic biology!

If that doesn’t work I can refer them to my legal adviser who can explain the standards for incompetent neglect vs criminal neglect.

Thanks for listening.