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To all prospective clients.

No Testimonials are listed as they can be made up.
 We can provide you with references so you can speak with our clients directly. This should be a refreshing change for all.

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    Founder and Director, Bret Peirce, has created an organization that offers you the following:

1)  Care audits/ Dr. consultations

2)  Insurance mediation (for denied coverage)

3)  Referrals to top alternative practitioners, no traveling!

4)  All therapies done in-home (alternative)

5)  Free air travel for traditional treatments

6)  Patient support (on line support groups/24 hour help line)

7)  Information library

8)  In-home nursing / Discounted

9) On-call nurse and biochemist.

10)  Only truths/ no hype, no omissions, no kidding!

11) Hospice alternatives that provide better services than any hospice could ever 

12) Full and Complete Advocacy for Auto immune, Cancer, and Lyme Patients

13) Latest in Research on Natural Substances. What is working and Why?

14) Sliding Scale Feel Schedule

15) Discounts on a huge range of natural supplements and services found around the world, (we do not distribute or re sale products and have negotiated discounts for our clients from dozens of manufacturers.)

16) Screening of prospective practioners.

17) Referrals to practitioners in your area.

18) Coordination of care between more than one practitioner.


Our Story

 A licensed nurse started A.C.A. in 2001 after his Father became a victim of Cancer.  Having witnessed a miracle using I.V. Ascorbate in a brain tumor patient, this nurse treated his father with the same technique. The Father had three separate malignancies due to radiation exposure.

Two out of the three malignancies resolved or reversed within two weeks. The third did not, (Fibrosarcoma,) but the nurse involved was impressed with the three out of four malignancies he had personally witnessed resolved by  I.V. Ascorbate,
(including the brain tumor patient!)

He promised his Father's success would not be in vain because the Father reversed two out of three cancers. That was still far better record that modern medicine was doing, even though the patient died eventually, (H.Wesley Peirce.)

Hence, American Cancer Advocates, was born.

Since then A.C.A. has expanded to offer many services that are not found anywhere in the world today. Many practitioners and professionals have been brought into this unique and diverse network in order to meet the needs of all patients.

Since 2001 so much research had been published and a Doctorate level Biochemist was brought into the mix to help
review this research.

The result of this partnership? A  grand discovery! A new treatment protocol for all pathologies which favor non-oxygen
 environments! (A huge list!) 

Operating as a licensed nurse the founder of A.C.A. operates purely as an advocate for cancer (and autoimmune,) patients.

He will contact physicians and H.M.O.'s, negotiate coverage for non-approved treatments, find free air travel for cancer patients, provide access to the latest in complimentary alternative medicine, exploiting a pre-paid legal service to encourage insurance company  cooperation with

It is evident that everyone needs an informed professional in their corner when battling  devastating diseases! You don't have to make this Journey alone.

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